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When your knees hurt from joint pain – it can affect your entire life.

Getting around becomes harder and harder – which leads to weight gain and the general deterioration of your hips and back.   This problem is then made worse by a loss of muscle mass which can be a serious problem for those over age 55.  Staying active is the key to a long life and when your knees hurt from joint pain – it’s hard to keep up with how you used to be.

Up until now, there was generally two solutions.  Either painful knee replacement surgery – or taking a potentially dangerous pharmaceutical drug prescribed by your doctor.  Both of these treatments have significant risks and although can be effective in some cases, we along with most people believe should be a last resort after trying other options for fixing the problem.

We all know that exercise and keeping your weight in check is important to healthy knees – but once the damage of cartilage breakdown takes place,  these tips are only band-aids to the problem and certainly don’t address the cause of knee joint pain.  ( Not to mention if you are overweight but your knees hurt – how are you going to start exercising to burn off excess pounds? )

The only true way to reduce the pain and inflammation – and restore joint mobility is to get your body back on the road to repairing its own cartilage between your joints in your knee(s).

This is where Chrono Q12 comes to the rescue.

The Key to Reducing the Pain in Your Knees is Curing the Problem 

For Karen, age 67, the pain in her knees was caused by the breaking down of the cartilage in her knees.   An athlete in her younger days, she had always tried to remain active and mobile but she was finding it harder and harder to live the life she always had up until about three years ago.  Going for even short walks was becoming near impossible and things like gardening or playing with her grandkids when they came over was becoming difficult.

Now even going for short walks was becoming near impossible and things like gardening or playing with her grandkids was becoming difficult.  She could no longer dance, or bowl with the ladies on Wednesday afternoons and the thought of having to walk more than a short distance was downright intimidating.

Last fall they had to walk several blocks in the airport to get to their connecting flight for their cruise and by the time she got to the boarding gate she was in near tears from her knee joint pain.    The next day she was so stiff she could barely move.

The pain had been progressively getting worse for almost a decade and she was to the point where it was affecting her mood and even her sleep from the constant ache in the background.

A very real fear began to grow in her mind.  What if this pain was just going to keep getting worse as she got older.  

For many people like Karen,  taking over the counter painkillers such as acetaminophen or Ibuprofen is a way of life but the extended long-term use of these drugs can be very hard on your liver and kidneys.   In addition, these are only masking the problem of what is causing the pain and doing little to correct it.

” When people have pain in their knees, it in most cases is the cartilage ( the important membrane material that keeps your bones from rubbing together ) has broken down and is either completely gone or in a bad state of repair. “

Potentially Dangerous Prescription Drugs or Major Surgery?

She found no relief after talking to her Doctor who suggested she try a popular joint pain drug called celecoxib which came with a long list of potentially life-threatening side effects including…

  • Loss of Balance
  • Blurred Vision
  • Slurred Speech
  • Chest Pains
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Sudden Death Brought on by Bleeding Stomach Ulcers.

She desperately wanted her knees to stop hurting – but not to be rushed to the hospital to be treated for an even worse medical problem.  Any drug that could possibly kill her was not going to be her first choice.

The other answer was painful knee replacement surgery which would be covered by insurance but was a major operation that scared her a great deal.  It would take months to recover and she had known a man who had an artery accidentally cut in surgery who nearly died.

She hated the idea of being put under for the procedure and wished there was another solution.

We’re Glad to Say that Now There Is…

Introducing Chrono Q12

An all natural treatment for knee joint pain that goes to work helping your body rebuild the cartilage in your knees.  Made from natural and safe ingredients, it’s a dietary supplement that has no harmful side effects.   Now that sounds like a much better option.

Chrono Q12 works by providing your body the building blocks for repairing the cartilage in your knees, while in the process, helping to reduce the pain associated with knee and joint trouble. The result is improved mobility and less pain – and new hope for the millions that suffer daily from bad knees.

Its proprietary formula of all natural ingredients is safe to take and has no measurable side effects.

Because Chrono Q12 uses the healing power of the ocean, the only restriction to taking it is that if you are allergic to shellfish you shouldn’t use Chrono Q12 as part of its exclusive formula is the use of cartilage from the bones and shells of organic shellfish found in the ocean.

Finally Lasting Safe Relief for Knee Joint Pain

Chrono Q12 was created as a safe, natural alternative for knee joint pain and is designed to be taken daily over an extended period with no side effects. As soon as you begin taking Chrono Q12, it will immediately begin the process of realigning your body’s ability to solve its own joint pain issues.

An Exciting and Much Needed Development in Natural Knee Joint Pain Treatment…

Painful surgery or pharmaceutical drugs are in some cases the only option for those suffering from severe, chronic knee joint problems. But for those that are in less advanced stages of joint pain problems, exploring safe and natural solutions, there is a very good chance the problem can be reduced – or even solved – through methods other than knee replacement surgery or using dangerous drugs.

We believe you will find no better or safe all natural treatment for joint pain than Chrono Q12 which was developed specifically for people just like you suffering from chronic joint pain caused by the breakdown of the cartilage in your knees.

Long Term Lasting Relief

Chrono Q12 provides the essential building blocks for your body to heal itself and restore mobility and movement

Safe for All Ages

Chrono Q12 is safe for all adults* and both men and women. It’s works wonders for anyone suffering from joint pain.

Feel Younger

Reverse the feeling of getting old with new found mobility and reduced stress on your joint movement.

Long Term Results

Chrono Q12 is designed to provide long term lasting results and on going recovery of damaged cartilage

Enjoy More Freedom

Turn back the clock on your ability to do physical activities with Chrono Q12’s joint assistance formula

Made from Safe Natural Ingredients

Chrono Q12 is made from all natural ingredients that have no measurable side effects or negative consequences

Restore Your Body’s Ability to Move

Where ever joint pain strikes, Chrono Q12 will go to work.

Chrono Q12 helps your body to rejuvenate the protective coatings around the end of your bones while reducing inflammation and stress in your cartilage areas.

Finally a Safe Natural Treatment for Joint Pain

We invite you to experience for yourself the power of Chrono Q12 and it’s all natural, organic formula that will immediately start the process of repairing your damaged joints and improving your flexibility fast.   It’s like turning back the clock 20 years on your body’s joints.

Chrono Q12 is designed to take daily over an extended period as a part of your daily routine and for less than a cup of coffee, will help start your body on the road to healing your joint pain.

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Chrono Q12 For All Walks of Life

Chrono Q12 promotes works regardless of your age, weight or activity level, and can provide long term lasting relief from the pain and discomfort of joint pain.

For Athletes


Active Adults

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Frequently Asked Questions About Chrono Q12 

How Does Chrono Q12 Work?
Chrono Q12 works by assisting your body with its own healing of the causes of joint pain.   The ingredients in Chrono Q12 are a proprietary formula that work in perfect harmony to help your joints rebuild their own cartilage while reducing the causes of the actual joint pain problem.

Do I Need a Prescription for Chrono Q12?
No.  Chrono Q12 is available without a prescription and contains no dangerous chemicals or pharmaceutical agents.

How Often Should I Take Chrono Q12?
Chrono Q12 is designed to be taken daily and the suggested maintenance dose is 3 tablets daily.

How Long Should I Take Chrono q12
Because Chrono Q12 is designed to provide lasting and effective long-term relief from joint pain,  we recommend taking it as a daily supplement over an extended period as the longer a person incorporates Chrono Q12 into their daily diet, the longer the lasting results will be as it assists the recovery of the cartilage in your body.

Are there Any Side Effects to Taking Chrono Q12?
Chrono Q12 is safe to take and there are no known or documented side effects.

Who Shouldn’t Take Chrono Q12? 
Chrono Q12 should not be taken by people with an allergy to shellfish as part of the formula includes the use of cartilage derived from shellfish.

The cold weather was always hard on my body and my fingers and their joints – Chrono Q12 worked when everything else I had tried had no effect.  I’m a believer

Lisa Kruchelnyski, Alberta, Canada

New Customers Save 30% on Your First Order

Save $21 off the regular retail price of Chrono Q12 for a limited time only.

Order now!